Featured Blogs

Featured Blogs

These are the blogs we've enjoyed reading, posted a bunch of resources from, and/or just want the world to know about! They're sure to become your favorites.

How to Get On

Watercolor painting of cat with abstract background

Illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings, How to Get On is "a little spoonie guide on how to navigate 'the system' and how to live a great, disabled life."

The site contains articles on applying for and receiving disability benefits, and a whole lot more!

The resources here are mostly US-based, but the advice will likely be a big help for folks from other countries, too.

Real Social Skills for Autonomous People

Real Social Skills logo; bold text on a background with mountains, overcast sky, and rainbow

This incredible site covers all sorts of healthy communication, life skills, and social skills for folks who want to be autonomous and self-realized.

While Real Social Skills for Autonomous People is a more general blog, it does cross over into spoonie topics often and is a real boon for people navigating illness and disability.

Articles cover boundaries, how to do various things, power dynamics, abuse, ableism, and more. The author is autistic and writes what they know, so articles are both accessible and specifically useful to autistic folks.

When Tania Talks

When Tania Talks logo; handwritten script with watercolor border

When Tania Talks... you'll want to listen! This prolific blogger skillfully weaves together the topics of "beauty, fashion, lifestyle, chronic illness and disability," and we find ourselves linking to her work embarrassingly often.

She's also the creator of the popular Friday night #SpoonieSpeak Twitter chat.

Check out our favorite posts here.

Let's Queer Things Up!

Let's Queer Things Up logo with photos of the author, medicine, and a pride flag.

Although we only recently ran into Let's Queer Things Up!, we've already featured several articles from prolific and thoughtful writer Sam Dylan Finch.

Sam covers the intersections of trans/queer identity, mental health, and social justice, and he does it remarkably well. Definitely a must-follow! Check out our favorite posts here.


ChronicBabe logo with "Chronic" in orange cursive and "Babe" in bold, hot pink sans serif

NOTE: This site has been converted into a more general consulting site; however, Jenni did such good work for the community that it's worth seeing what she's up to now!

ChronicBabe was created to "help you have an amazing life in spite of illness," and Jenni really delivers! Whether it's a video, her secret club, or her new book, she's giving great advice for thriving as a spoonie. Check out our favorite posts here (although the site is down, you may be able to run the links through the Wayback Machine).

Spoons & Stripes / How I Learned to Cope / Chasing Happiness

Three pictures of a light-skinned femme with long, dark hair and a bright smile: on a PT table wearing knee braces, wearing a flower crown, and holding the top of a pineapple on her head

This trio of blogs by the prolific Niko cover physical & mental illness, coping skills (including CBT/DBT), illness management, and positivity. Topics of special interest include post-concussion syndrome, EDS and co-morbid conditions, a wide range of mental illness, and much more. We regularly find all sorts of fantastic resources through their work.

Spoons & Stripes: Resources for managing the physical/medical side of chronic illness

How I Learned to Cope: Resources with all kinds of coping skills

Chasing Happiness: Niko's quest to stay positive, find beauty and explore life