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Welcome To Spoonie Living!

I'm stoked that you've stopped by! Whether you're a patient, friend or family to one, a caregiver, or a health services provider, I know you'll find something useful on our site.

Spoonie Living started when I saw a need for a no-filler, resource-heavy blog for folks with chronic illnesses and disabilities. So, take a look around and see what grabs you!

Friendly note: Spoonie Living has mostly stopped updating, starting in 2020. I'll be leaving it up as an archive, and may drop occasional posts, but don't intend to return to regular updates. As time goes on, links to outside sites may break; I recommend running those links through the Wayback Machine, which is a great way to find web content that's no longer available.

Enjoy, friends!

Love and spoons,

Diane Murray

Creator and Editor

p.s. Never heard the term "spoonie" before? Check out Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory to learn more.